How to add 8 people on Whatsapp video call?

As we know that Whatsapp is the facebook owned application which enables people to stay in connect with their loved ones via chat, voice calls and video calls. In response to Google duo advancement, Whatsapp also increased number of participants in the video call. Yes now you can add 8 people on Whatsapp video call. You can make a group call of 8 participants in the Whatsapp.

add 8 people on Whatsapp video call

How to Add 8 People on Whatsapp Video Call?

How to make a group video call?

Here is the step by step guide of making group video call of maximum 8 people.

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Method 1: Formal Method.

  • Most simple method of making a group call with up to 8 people is mentioned below.
  • Open whatsapp on your Mobile phone.
  • Go to the call section or search the name of participant which you want to video call.
  • Click on the video call option
  • now add one by one to make it a group call by clicking on the top right corner.
  • click add contacts.
  • Enjoy connectivity.

Method 2: Call entire group in one click

In this method, you need to make a group on your whatsapp messenger, so in one click you can make video / audio group call.

  • Open Whatsapp in your mobile phone.
  • Turn to the “Chat tab”.
  • Click on “…” three dots on the top right corner .
  • Click on “New group”.
  • Now add up to 8 contacts and make a group.

Is Whatsapp group calling secure?

According to whatsapp, “video calls are always end to end encrypted”. For an effective group call, All group participants must ensure that they have a strong network connection. You can also turn video off by clicking on video off.

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