How to Backup WhatsApp data on iPhone (iCloud)

As we know that WhatsApp is a social media messenger owned by Facebook. WhatsApp allow its users to send and receive text messages, audios and videos. It also allows you to share contacts and live location. You can video called to your loved ones through Whatsapp video call. Today we will discuss about the issue that how to backup whataspp data on iPhone.

Backup WhatsApp data on iPhone

Have you ever bothered to lose your whatsApp data? or Do you worried about losing to iPhone somewhere. Don’t afraid of such concerned thoughts. You can easily secure your Whatsapp Logs in case if you ever lose your iPhone. Whatsapp can only secure your Whatsapp logs and chat on your iPhone only through using iCloud on your iPhone. Let us discuss about how to backup whatsApp data on iPhone.

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How to Enable iCloud on iPhone?

Here is the step by step procedure to enabling iCloud on your iPhone.

  • Click on the Setting icon. Open it
  • Tap on the APPLE ID Banner.
  • Open iCloud
  • Scroll down toward the bottom of the page.
  • To access iCloud, turn on the button against whatsapp.

If your follow these steps, iCloud easily enabled on your iPhone. From now, your Whatsapp logs can be secured. But How you can backup your Whatsapp logs on your iCloud?

How to Backup Whatsapp Data on iPhone?

In order to backup WhatsApp data on iPhone (iCloud), just follow the mentioned below steps.

  • Open WhatsApp on your iPhone
  • Go to Setting
  • Click on the Chats button
  • Tap on Chat Backup
  • Click on Backup Now
  • Click on Auto Backup
  • Select an option according to your will, Options are daily, weekly and monthly
  • If you want to backup your video chats, turn on the switch against Include videos
Backup WhatsApp data on IPhone

Congratulations! You are all done, now your whatsapp is all secured. You can now transferred your whatsapp data on any other device if your data is stored on whatsapp iCloud. You can also restored your chat history through iCloud Backup.

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