How to Fix WhatsApp Images Not Showing in Gallery

Numerous WhatsApp clients on Android have been revealing that whatsapp Images not showing issue has occurred in the application. This issue appears to have influenced a few clients and has been seen post the most recent WhatsApp update. While WhatsApp is yet to recognize the whatsapp Images not showing issue and give a fix, there is an approach to work around this and bring back your media content.

By default, pictures, movies, and other media shared in WhatsApp messages usually save to a WhatsApp folder within the Gallery or Photos app on Android and iOS. Unfortunately, sometimes these files can be hard to find, go missing, or don’t download.

WhatsApp is one of the unbelievable messaging applications to associate with friends and family. It permits you to share files, pictures, and accounts, notwithstanding different things. Regardless, for specific customers, WhatsApp media may not show up in the display for various reasons. This article will reveal to you how to fix WhatsApp images not showing in Gallery issue on Android and iPhone.

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Reason Behind WhatsApp Images Not Showing Errors

The issue of WhatsApp Photos not appearing in the Gallery on Android Phone is for the most part identified with WhatsApp Media Visibility option is disabled on your gadget.

The issue of WhatsApp Photos not appearing in the Gallery is normally identified with the Media visibility settings. In case you can’t see Received WhatsApp Photos on your Android Phone, the issue can be effectively fixed by enabling the choice to show downloaded WhatsApp Media in Photo Gallery.

Whenever Sent WhatsApp Photos are not appearing in Photo Gallery, you should change ‘WhatsApp Sent’ Media Folder on your gadget.

How to Save Pictures From WhatsApp on Android and iOS

Before we continue, make a point to refresh WhatsApp to the most recent version from Google Play Store or Apple App Store depend on your phone so you don’t pass up any latest feature or do not fix any error causing issues with use.

Open WhatsApp on your phone, tap the three-dot menu on the top right corner, and select Settings.

whatsapp Images not showing issue
  • Navigate to the Chats section.
whatsapp Images not showing issue
  • Flick the toggle next to Media Visibility to turn it on. This will turn on Media Visibility for all contacts. And all the WhatsApp images will show up in your Gallery by now. Check your WhatsApp download preferences. Both the Android and iOS WhatsApp apps allow you to specify what type of media files automatically download and what internet connections will trigger each download.

  • On iOS, do this via Settings > Storage and Data. On Android, Settings > Storage and data > Media auto-download.
whatsapp Images not showing issue

Enable general Media visibility on Android. To make sure pictures from WhatsApp discussions copy to Gallery in your file explorer on your Android tablet or smartphone, head to Settings > Chats and check you’ve turned on Media visibility.

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