How to Register a Company in Ireland?

Registering a company in IRELAND is no more difficult now. Today we are going to share a step by step guide to registering a company in IRELAND. If you want to Register a Company in Ireland after all the legal requirements, then read this article carefully.

Now I am going to mention a detailed checklist which will helps you to Register a Company in Ireland (Irish land)

Register a Company in Ireland

Select at least One Director

All companies in Ireland must have one Director, so your company must have at least one Director who is the resident of an EEA country. The main responsibility of Company’s director is that he/she manages the company on the behalf of shareholders. Moreover, in small companies, Director often play a role of shareholder.

Select a company Secretary

If your company has only one Director, then your company should bound to hire at least one Secretary, but if your company has more than one Directors then any one of them can play the role of Company’s Secretary. The main role of Secretary is to file annual returns every year. He/she often works with the accountant department of your company to keep an eye on annual returns. In case of late filing, up to €1,200 fine could be imposed on that company.

Name at least one Shareholder

Before registering a company in Ireland, your company should have at least one shareholder because shareholder is the owner of your company.

Number of Shares to be Given Away

It is pivotal decision to decide that how many shares of your company you could give away as shares. Because the number of shares determine the legal ownership of the company in Ireland.

Register your Office

If you want to register s company in Ireland, you must have to register your office and Business address with Companies Registration Office (CRO) . Business address is the legal address of your company and location means the physical existence of your company where all the legal notices are the delivered by the Government.

Select a Unique Name for Your Company

Choosing a suitable name is the first step before creating a company anywhere in the world. You should need to choose an attractive, unique and professional name for your company. If the name of your company is not unique or strong, your company registration will be returned.

Incorporate Your Company

If you are done with all the previously mentioned steps, now its time to sign the incorporate documents. Your company can be incorporated with the companies Online Registration Environment (CORE).

Purchase Your Company Seal

After successful approval of your company’s Name, now its time to order a seal for your company. Seal should have company’s name on it because that seal will be used in all official documents in the future. Keep one thing in your mind that Order seal for your company when you are in the middle of Your company’s registration because as soon as your company is registered with CRO, you have your company’s seal in your hand.

Open A Business Account In Ireland

Now this the key step before you register a company in Ireland. You need to open a Business account in any of the bank in Ireland. For this purpose you need your companies documents whatever is demanded at that time.

File Annual Returns

Once your company is successfully register in Ireland, the accountant will be required to file annual returns with the CRO. All companies in Ireland gets an Annual return allocation date. After incorporation, your company’s first annual date is due 6 months second annual date is after 12 months and then annually.

Don’t Delay Annual Returns

It is important to note that never delay your annual returns other wise your company will have to pay Fine of up to €1,200 per year.

If you are completely understand the above mentioned checklist, then you are ready to Register a Company in Ireland. Good Luck.

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