Jazz Super Card Offers | Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Like other competitors in telecom industry of Pakistan, Jazz has also introduced Jazz super card offers for its users. These offers are designed for daily, weekly and monthly uses. Due to increase in demand, free minutes, sms and internet bundles are included in each bundle. More specially, jazz super card contains sufficient number of free other network minutes which are in demand nowadays.

Jazz Super Card Offers

Jazz is constantly claiming to be best 4g service provider in Pakistan. In order to remain at top in market like Pakistan, it is required to introduce new ideas and schemes for users. It has been found that people love to activate the offers containing minutes, sms and internet packages in a single tray. This simple reason is behind the fame of Jazz super card offers in Pakistan. Lets start with the daily, weekly and monthly super offers of Jazz.

Jazz Daily Super Card Packages

Jazz is only offering one super card offer for daily use. Jazz Super Plus offer gives 500 jazz to jazz minutes, 5 jazz to other network minutes, 500 MB internet and 500 sms for whole day in Rs. 28. The further details of daily jazz super card offers are shared below

Card DetailSub CodeOn-net Minutesoff-net MinutesInternet [MB] & SMSPrice
Jazz Super Plus *558# 500 5 500 MBs 500 SMS Rs. 28/-
Jazz Super Card Offers | Daily, Weekly & Monthly Super Cards

Jazz Weekly Super Card Packages

Jazz is offering 04 weekly bundles in jazz weekly super card offers

  • Weekly Super Duper.
  • Weekly Super Plus.
  • Weekly Super Max.
  • Weekly all network.

These packages are compared in a tabulated form by our team. This tabulation will help you to select your required bundle in few minutes.

Card DetailSub CodeOn-net Minutesoff-net MinutesInternet & SMSPrice
Weekly Super Duper *770# 1500 6 3 GB 1500 SMS Rs. 237/- (Recharge)
Jazz WEEKLY SUPER PLUS *505# 5000 70 12 GB 5000 SMS Rs. 299 (now Rs. 250)
Weekly Super Max *506# 6000 60 30 GB Data 6000 SMS Rs. 299/-
Jazz Weekly All Network *700# 1000 60 2 GB Data 1000 SMS Rs. 170

Jazz Monthly Super Card Offers

As per our previous comparison, it has been revealed that people love to activate monthly super card offers. Most of the companies have dedicatedly designed more packages for monthly use. Jazz is offering 04 Jazz Monthly Super Cards.

The below given table can provide a deep comparison of all data you wants as per your desire.

Card DetailSub CodeOn-net Minutesoff-net MinutesInternet & SMSPrice
JAZZ SUPER DUPER CARD *601# 2000 150 2 GB 2000 SMS Rs. 600/- (Recharge)
MONTHLY SUPER DUPER *706# 3000 150 6 GB Data 3000 SMS Rs.745.2 (Incl. Tax)
MONTHLY SUPER DUPER PLUS *707# 5000 300 15 GB 5000 SMS Rs.977 (Incl. tax)

Terms and Conditions

  • On activation of new super card offer, the remaining offers of previous package will be added in new one.
  • Do not use the offer before getting confirmation message of subscription.
  • The above given packages automatically expire after the given duration.
  • These packages are non-renewable and requires fresh renewal every time.
  • All these packages are available to be activated through easyload
  • Using of any service without confirmation sms will charge as per package activated by you.
  • You can activate these offers by visiting nearest retailer.
  • You can also recharge / activate these offers through credit / debit cards.

In addition to above, if you need any other information relating to Telenor Call Packages, feel free to contact us. Our team is readily waiting to help you out in a befitting manner. More will come soon.

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