How to restore Whatsapp from Google drive to iPhone

As we know that Now a days Whatsapp become a popular way to communicate with your loved ones, it is one of the best source to transfer pIctures, audios and videos. That’s why everyone want to secure its whatsapp Chats and logs. This site gives you a better knowledge, if you are switching from an android to a new iPhone and want to migrate your whatsapp history to your new iPhone. We will discuss today to restore Whatsapp from Google drive to iPhone

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Many people thinks its difficult to transfer whatsapp history from an android to a iPhone, but trust me it is a piece of cake. Just follow the below mentioned steps and you are all done.

Methods to restore Whatsapp from Google drive to iPhone

Today we are going to share some simple methods to restore your Whatsapp from a Google drive to your iPhone.

Method 1:

The basic and simple method is to move your all whatsapp backup file from your Google drive to Android and then continue with the iPhone because it is impossible to directly transfer from Google drive to an iPhone. So here are some easy steps to restore your whatsapp backup from Google drive to iPhone.

  1. Go to play store and install Whatsapp on your android phone.
  2. After the installation, a window appears on the screen for requesting you to start the backup process.
  3. Click on the “Restore button
  4. Now your Whatsapp log and chats are restored on your Android phone.
restore Whatsapp from Google drive to iPhone

Now the next steps are to transfer that backup from Android to iPhone.

  1. Open whatsapp and go the setting option.
  2. Tap on Chat followed by the Chat history and then click on Export Chat.
  3. Now select chat data to continue the export process.
  4. Now a pop window appears, select Gmail, which leads to compose screen.

Method 2: How to backup and restore whatsapp data with Google drive.

In this modern era, it becomes very easy to backup and restore Whatsapp from Google drive to iPhone . Follow the below mentioned steps to make a backup and restore your Whatsapp data with Google drive.

  1. Open Whatsapp.
  2. Go to setting option by clicking on 3 dots on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on Chats
  4. Select Chat backup
  5. Now click “Backup to Google drive” button to trigger the process
  6. Click on your Google account.
  7. Press the Allow option.
  8. Click “Include videos” if you want a backup of your whatsapp videos.
  9. Now click on the Backup Option to continue the process
restore Whatsapp from Google drive to iPhone

Restore Whatsapp on Google drive.

Dame sure that you have accurately performed above mentioned steps, if you have done then continue with the below mentioned steps to initiate the restore process.

  1. Install whatsapp
  2. Enter your number and agree with their terms and condition.
  3. verify the entering code and click on the continue button
  4. Now hit the Restore option.
  5. Enter your name and click Next
  6. The restore process is successfully completed now.


By following These methods, don’t be worried about losing your whatsapp data. Feel free and Enjoy using Whatsapp because you can restore your whatsapp data just by one click if you have already backup in your Google drive.

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